What will be the trends in 2022? In our article we will reveal hot inspirations that you can easily choose on a daily basis, for work, but also for the carnival period and the upcoming New Year’s Eve. Impress everyone with your original look. Inspire yourself, buy only original brands and be a star like a real Fashion Icon!

What will be the trends in 2022?

It is said that nothing will surprise us anymore on the fashion market. How much distortion and ignorance there is in this statement! Upcoming trends testify to the fact that the largest fashion houses and popular catwalks will stun many women around the world. We already know popular themes and know how to create real masterpieces. Check out our suggestions below!

Peas combined with the color of the champions? It’s possible!

The bronze world is not only for men! It has always been known that the color brown is an indicator of true style and taste. It’s a color referring to the retro climate, i.e. it perfectly complements any stylization in which peas appear. Our proposal every day with white sneakers, in the official version with high heels and boots for work or for a business meeting is a brown, slightly even biscuit dress with small peas. The dress contains tulle elements, which makes it a bit avant-garde and very fashionable! We are crazy about this proposal.

Folklore is coming back in style!

With fashion trends it is like with snow this winter either there are rainfall or there are none. One thing is certain – everything is back! So we will see snow too! Calmly! However, we will not write about the weather, we want to draw attention to absolutely fashionable folklore motifs in the coming season in stylizations. You can lose your head for these dresses. It’s an offer for confident women who value a bit of originality and a pinch of avant-garde. Long dresses with a floral motif, ethnic patterns and a lot of color. It’s something we love. Perfect combination with short boots or boots.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

They are breathtaking. without a doubt. They will not disappear for the next season and will be a very hot commodity in your wardrobe. I’m talking about the palazzo pants. However, they will not be classic, so far uniform colors, but the richness of designs and prints. Of course, the hottest of them will be flowers and in large quantities. Get ready for the arrival of spring today and look for similar items in the store during the sale period. Perfectly complement with a short top or blouse. Wreaths on the head will not be a theme associated with kitsch! Never again! In your stylizations, do not forget about fashionable earrings, wheels and top pearls.

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