Sweater dresses are a real hit – for fall, winter and spring. They will warm you up effectively, and additionally they look extremely stylish. Another advantage is that they are very practical and comfortable. In cold weather, put on a turtleneck sweater dress that will also replace your scarf. Where to buy them What to wear Advise!

Sweater dresses

Sweater dresses are an ideal alternative to classic dresses. What’s more, they will work in both daily and festive versions. Knitwear for the winter is great for playing with form and stylization. We suggest how to create them.

Sweater dress and knee boots

How to wear boots over the knee? Of course, for a sweater dress! Thanks to this, you will create a beautiful, feminine stylization in which you will be comfortable, and at the same time highlight shapely legs. This proposal is ideal for virtually any figure. If you have some shortcomings of the figure, a loose, sweater dress oversize will hide extra kilos. It also works as a holiday stylization.

Knitted sweater dresses

Knitted sweater dresses will be a great choice on a daily basis, e.g. for work or shopping. This season, thickly woven, warm sweater dresses are fashionable to protect you from frost. Seasonal weaves will work during winter trips, dinners or walks in the mountains. Be sure to choose warm opaque tights, e.g. in black. Both thick timber boots and elegant boots or warm sports shoes will match thick sweater dresses .

Thin sweater dresses

If you know that you will be staying most of the day in a closed, warm room, put on a slightly thinner sweater dress. Choose straight-cut styles with a uniform color. This season, the perfect choice will be classic black, gray, bottle green or burgundy. If you like to play with fashion, choose red or cobalt. Sweater dresses in one color will be a great background for rich jewelry. Match fashionable high heels to the whole.

Sweater oversize dresses

Extremely comfortable and practical oversize sweater dresses. Women around the world have fallen in love with them. You can cover them, have a lot of nonchalance and work great every day. If necessary, they cover up some body imperfections. What to choose? Literally everything! They will work well together with a trench coat, Ramones. When it comes to shoes, there is also freedom – they look just as well in combination with women’s boots as well as espadrilles or motorcycle shoes.

Patterned sweater dresses

Do you like patterns and madness? Bet on patterned sweater dresses. In recent seasons, this type of dress was promoted by the Moschino fashion house. Who would resist a knitted dress with hearts? You can’t imagine a more charming stylization. For plus size women, we recommend a sweater dress with slimming stripes. Don’t be afraid to play with fashion.