Satin prom dresses is a proposal for liberated women who value a light outfit in a sexy edition. Until now, satin was intended for sewing underwear. However, everything has changed and designers are more and more willing to reach for this material. Why? It is light, airy, very subtle, slightly erotic and very show. Is this the right prom offer? Yes of course! Check our inspirations!

Satin prom dresses

We wrote earlier about dresses in shades of light pink. Now we offer something a little bolder. A subtle, slightly erotic and very feminine proposal of satin dresses will surprise many of you. How to choose a prom dress so as not to cause controversy, feel special and charming?

Metallic colors not only in additions

Metallic dresses are a sensation, especially if they are properly sewn. You will ask a question, how can a satin dress look good in a version with silver? Only the top is satin, to which a large part of the tulle is fitted. The light subtle treble is sexy and balanced. Tulle, which goes away from the waist, adds charm and makes the dress acquire a ball dimension. The only thing you must remember on this occasion are sandals on a transparent ankle (silver loves the company of colorless shoes) an original prom manicure that will emphasize the magic of the dress.

Rose-colored satin

A red dress to the very ground with applied layers of satin is a hit. This is the right choice for brunettes who have the courage to choose, in addition to satin, a very defiant red color. We assure you that this is not an exaggeration. Apart from a light neckline, there is nothing wrong with the dress. Combine them with black metallic heels or boots. Choose gold and pearls from additions.

Golden satin as a symbol of a real queen

A fitted dress with bare shoulders is a proposal for a real lady who values ​​a defiant look, but balanced and a bit mysterious. The gold proposition is a fitted top, sleeveless, and slightly down. An additional attraction of this dress is the cut. It doesn’t have to be too big if you’re afraid of teacher feedback. However, you must remember that it is a ball – a party, not a school bench, and you are a real woman who has the right to enchant with her outfit.