A Polish clothing brand that you need to know – TOMAOTOMO by Tomasz Olejniczak. The collection includes unique designs for brave women who value innovative, comfortable creations. Fashion consumes the whole life of Tomasz Olejniczak , this can be seen in his designs. What is his fashion vision?

Polish fashion – TOMAOTOMO

The passion for fashion was born in Tomasz Olejniczak at a very young age. He has practically been interested in her forever. His mother also loved designing and often took him with her when she went to the dressmaker’s patches. He founded the brand for the pleasure of creating, because fashion has always accompanied him. Recently, she designs only for women. His women’s collections are delightful. As he claims, creating for women is artistic.

Born designer

According to the founder of the TOMAOTOMO brand, being a designer cannot be learned – you must be born. You need imagination, as well as the ability to implement your projects that we have in our head or on paper. Creativity cannot be taught – unlike drawings. It is not necessary to complete a field of study related to fashion ( Tomasz Olejniczak graduated in marketing and PR), passion for fashion is important. The designer is inspired by a woman in every form who is charismatic, sensual, sexual. The innate feminine charm is extremely inspirational. Fashion language gives women the opportunity to display what is inside them. Despite the rush of life that we have imposed today, it is important to be aware of what we put on and thus what we pass on to society.

From amateur to artist

The first fashion show of Tomasz Olejniczak took place in 2010 in Poznań. Once again, he presented his projects at Fashion Week in Łódź and Vancouver. Later, more Fashion Weeki in Poland and in the world. He organized his own show in Warsaw. At Plac Unii there is the first TOMAOTOMO boutique. His joy of creating and fulfilling his dreams meant that the brand was quickly recognized and discovered on the Polish fashion map. He values ​​clients and stars who are faithful to him. This is his driving force, because he knows that women are waiting for his next shows and collections. He treats it as the biggest reward.