Bright pink for prom is an absolute hit when it comes to fashionable colors for a unique evening in the company of high school friends. Do you want to learn about the most fashionable styles , get tips so that every style you love will enchant those gathered at the ball – see our inspirations.

Light pink for prom

Light pink with a color that is suitable for many occasions. Not only for the summer season. The period of New Year’s Eve, New Year and the upcoming carnival will accept with every hand any creation in this shade. It is similar with prom time. If you are looking for the perfect dress, you want to know the most fashionable tips and find out that this color belongs to you, check out fashionable prom styles.

Classic version without backs, with long sleeves

On the one hand, this version is very bold by its cut, without back, on the other hand it is evenly balanced by long, lace sleeves that add subtlety and charm. The length of the prom dress is a very controversial topic. Some say that it is mandatory to reach above the knee, others say the opposite. In our opinion, the ball is not going to church. Since you’re of legal age and you have attractive long legs, put the dress on your knee. Necessarily tight-fitting waist. The v-neckline slender in addition, remember this if you want to gain in the eyes of other guests. You can not forget about prom manicure – with powder pink you can combine many interesting stylizations.

Simple dress to the ground

A simple dress model to the ground is a proposal for women with long legs. The dress is fitted in the upper part, thus emphasizing the waist and bust area. From the waist down is slightly cut off. To make the dress look a bit sexy, it has straps and a deep neckline. For such a dress, slippers or classic high heels in flesh or salmon will be perfect. When choosing jewelry – put on gold. Perfectly harmonizes with powder pink. Trendy circle earrings, thin chain around the neck and a series of accessories for hands.

All in lace

An ideal proposition for a woman with an innocent type of beauty. A lace dress with short sleeves, cut off at the waist with a belt and highlighted with a rose print is a bull’s-eye, especially for women who have blond hair. A knee-length dress combined with sandals on a high heel will emphasize your personal charm and make you charm many a man. After all, the prom is the perfect time to find a man – if you still don’t have him.


If you are wondering if you can choose pink boots for a pink dress, we answer – of course it is! This season, combining stylizations in the total color version gives an amazing effect. See for yourself! Accessories create a contrast, a dress with shoes in the same shade only highlights the most important part of the evening’s styling.