What to wear for the philharmonic? Have you received an invitation and wonder what style to choose? An official dress, a jacket with a skirt, or maybe a two-piece suit? In our article we will reveal which outfity are the best.

What to wear to the Philharmonic?

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The first suggestion is a two-piece suit. Will you ask the question, isn’t he too masculine? None of these things, tailored pants, a well-cut blazer combined with a light shirt in the slim version is already a standard. The accessories will emphasize your femininity, thus breaking the male expression of the clothes. A silver necklace and fashionable circle earrings will be perfect. 2018 will show you how to break stereotypes in the fashion world even more and more strongly. Do not forget about the heels in a classic shade, tasteful coat and clutch. Be sure to pin your hair.

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Here the field to choose is wide. It’s important to match your dress to your figure and not to forget about the colors dedicated for this season. Bottle green, red, burgundy , classic gray and black. A few tips – neckline v-neck slimmer figure, bare shoulders give sex appeal, and the cut at the bottom lengthens and slims the whole figure. Avoid sequins and transparent elements. The philharmonic dress should be subtle and balanced. The classic will work best. Complete the outfits with golden accessories, be sure to cover your shoulders with a shawl or jacket and choose a double-breasted coat with a cut-out at the waist.

Skirt version

What to wear to the Philharmonic? pinterest.com [/ caption]

The pencil skirt is still a hot hit of the season. Remember this when creating your looki . Connect it with a shirt or blouse with covered shoulders! Throw a jacket or jacket on top and don’t forget about the jewelry. The necklace in this case may be perfect. You can also choose pearls and delicate earrings fashionable this season. When it comes to shoes, choose classic shoes or flesh-high heels.

Makeup and perfume

Philharmonic make-up must be clear but balanced. Underline your cheekbones and use gentle eye shadows. Do not forget about lipstick and subtle perfumes. Going to the philharmonic is a solemn occasion. Give up what you wear every day.

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