The approaching time raises the question for many women – what to wear for the holidays? In addition to culinary delicacies, which you need to devote a lot of time to, presents under the Christmas tree and home arrangement comes time to choose the right style. In our article we will reveal what you will look best at. Check!

What to wear for the holidays?

Skirt or dress? Suit or suit? Or maybe a Christmas sweater with reindeer and denim jeans? It all depends. From many factors. From the place where the Christmas Eve dinner takes place, the company in which you will spend this special day and your own beliefs about tradition.

Classical and fashionable

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On such a day, the traditional look will be perfect. It’s a safe solution that you can always apply when the idea for something original is missing. A skirt slightly above the knee in cream, blue, red or shades of powder pink or mint in combination with a light shirt will create a perfect set. Pastel colors are currently at the top and during the solemn evening they will look charming and feminine. Choose mainly gold and pearls from additions. On such a day I can’t imagine another set. Necklace and trendy earrings is a must have that breaks the minimalism of your stylization. Classic high heels or slippers will be the appropriate culmination of the selected creation.

With the dress version

Such a special day requires a well-tailored, slightly original, slightly avant-garde dress. Choose a model that will highlight your qualities and hide imperfections. We recommend the lace version or with a small amount of sequins at the bottom of the dress. Remember to be serious for that day. Do not overdo it with a neckline or bare back. Such treatments do not serve, and can even be received as a faux pas. Try to choose uniform colors. Pomegranate, gray, bottled green, cream or salmon will work well. The color can’t be too vulgar. Give up neon colors and red. A definite must have of the season is a navy blue dress with lace. Remember the right footwear, which you usually change before entering. High heels, slippers or sandals on the ankle, without fingers, will be the best choice. Jewelry should be minimalistic. Apply the rule as above. Pearls or gold.

An alternative to a dress and skirt

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How to replace a skirt or dress? At first glance, the suit is very feminine and sensual, and at the same time it fits in with the seriousness of the day. Choose fabric overalls that are well cut like a suit in navy blue, cobalt or classic gray and black. The second suggestion should be a more casual version designed for people who treat Christmas more at ease. In this case, boyfriends, a bright t-shirt and a sweater with a reindeer, Santa or snowman will work. Such a cheerful accent will make Christmas much more pleasant.