What to wear for St. Andrew’s Day? This is an article in which you will find more tips, inspirations and stylizations for this magical evening. What to do so that it is not boring and your friends appreciate your taste? Take care of your wardrobe today and create an outfit that will be remembered for a long time.

What to wear for St. Andrew’s Day?

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Emma Watson stole my heart with this stylization. The transparent dress with the Hallowen motif is the perfect combination. In Poland, we celebrate St. Andrew’s Day, but the theme borrowed from America works great on this occasion. The dress is enriched with red elements. The color of the rose is an absolute must have this season and all styles for St. Andrew’s should contain such. Roses, blood motifs, birds, meandering plants and Aztec prints in this color perfectly contrast the dark outfit. The choker on the neck is perfect for this occasion. It will give a bit of character. When wearing a long dress, remember to choose high heels or slippers. Pick up a clutch bag and paint your lips red. Do not forget about silver accessories that will brighten the styling. Hair in a bun or braids around the head. If you want to feel like a real star, take advantage of Emma’s inspiration and enchant those gathered at the party.

Glam version

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If you are far from Emma’s styling, we recommend glam, combined with a rock claw. Skinny with slits are the first original choice that is worth thinking about. Black obliges on such a day, so do not avoid such a solution. At the top, put on a blouse with pumpkins, flowers or birds motifs. This fun element will make you notice. The shoes you should choose are short lace-up boots. If you’re a fan of shirts, combine your set with a red check. Highlight your eye line with smokey eye makeup. Don’t give up jewelry. If you wear tunnels or have a lot of tattoos, display them. On such a day it will be a hit.

Fairytale version

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Fairy tales are perfect for adults on such a day. Choose a high-waisted skirt – necessarily in red and combine it with black longsleev. Make up your lips with red. Put on black sneakers. We recommend models from Converse or Vans. If you do not like sneakers, combine styling with boots over the knee. preferably in black. Wear a Ramones or black oversized coat above. Hair gently wavy and put on a band with a fairy tale motif. This time we recommend a funny Mickey Mouse.