Women love dresses and the question arises, can you imagine the upcoming season without them? Top 5 winter dresses is an article where you’ll find inspiration and expert advice. Choose unique models and create perfect stylizations every day.

TOP 5 winter dresses

The dresses are very sensual, feminine, very elegant and do not require much attention in creating an outfit. It can be easily combined with knee boots, high heels or boots. In winter, do not give up choosing a dress. The models we present below are also ideal for colder days. Check which models are on top, choose your favorite one and do not forget about shopping, especially since sales have already begun at H&M.

Plaid dresses

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The winter season is designed for the grille without a doubt. All fashion bloggers, Instagram trendsetters and blogs present styling based on checkered prints. Karata is very subtle and elegant. Associated with British chic, it reigns in salons also in the winter for a reason. Certainly, the grille will remain fashionable throughout the upcoming winter-spring season. Do not forget about tights and an interesting cardigan. At the top you can choose a down coat, coat or insulated sheepskin coat.

Dresses highlighting shapes

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Tailored dresses are a hit of the winter season. They are very elegant, very subtle and slightly feminine. The model that we recommend is fiery red, or bottle green or navy blue. Thanks to the perfect fit, your figure will gain, and long sleeves will keep you cool. You can afford a round neckline that will further slim down and lengthen your figure. For this set, choose a coat in the style of a bathrobe and boots.


There is no doubt that red has completely dominated the fashion market. Choose models that are fitted, in an oversize version, with long sleeves, with sequins and over the knee. Fiery red adds sex appeal, makes you perceived as a symbol of desire and gives you a certain, strong character.

Flowers for the winter

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A floral motif is a call to warm days. There will also be winter dresses. The most fashionable styles are roses, tulips, sunflowers and violets. They contrast perfectly with black, gray, graphite and navy blue.

Elegant dresses

There is a period of great events ahead of us. Christmas, Szczepan, New Year’s Eve and New Year are the perfect opportunity to choose an elegant creation. What’s going to be hot? Sequins, peas, transparent sleeves and lace. Choose dresses that will emphasize the shape of your figure, will contain at least one original element and will remain in the convention of seasonal colors: black, burgundy, red, green and navy blue. Avoid light colors unless you combine them with prints and lots of decorations.