Styling with peas is another trend of this season. There is nothing more beautiful than a return to the classics. Once our mothers and grandmothers, today we. Dresses, jackets, neckline blouses and much, much more. We will write about such stylizations below.

Styles with peas and a dress

 Styles with peas [/ caption]

If you decide to create a styling with peas, where the first violin will play a dress, remember about exclusive accessories. The dress should have bare shoulders. Peas add a little kilograms, and bare shoulders keep the balance in appearance. The v-neckline also makes the figure slimmer, so if you have a few extra pounds, choose this version of the dress. If your figure is perfect, the neckline can be round. The right length of the dress is over knee. Combined with black heels will be toned down. Massive necklaces and earrings in white or classic silver will complement your out fit and give it lightness.

Polka dots on pants

 Styles with peas [/ caption]

Nothing easier. Choose classic, smarty or palazzo and combine them with a white t-shirt. Contrast the whole with a gray coat in the style of a bathrobe and white sneakers. Choose accessories among silver. Pearls will also work well.

Skirts with peas

 Styles with peas [/ caption]

A pea skirt is the perfect choice for everyday wear and for parties. Combine them in a casual version with a bright t-shirt contrasting cardigan in shades of gray and a classic down coat. Classic sneakers will work well with a more elegant transparent heels. What if you’re going to a party? It will play a black top combined with high heels and Ramones.

Fashion accessories

 Styles with peas [/ caption]

Peas are also jewelry, handbags and shoes. In a word, accessories that you can not deny yourself. High heels with peas, a clutch bag in black or navy blue and fashionable pearls with animal motifs are an absolute must have. By the way bracelets choose individual pearls that can be tied in many ways or a combination of three different colors – navy blue with black and white. Experiment when choosing add-ons, keeping in mind balance. You can’t look strange, and it’s easy with peas. Be attentive and remember about good taste.

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