Stylizations that mask your tummy are a practical solution for every woman with curves. What to wear to look good? What colors to use in your looks to attract attention and not feel embarrassed? And what to do to break the first ice cream in choosing a wardrobe under your curves? Here are some golden tips.

Dark stylizations that mask the tummy

 Stylizations that mask the tummy

Stylizations that mask your tummy are primarily color. There is a reason why black is masking some imperfections at every turn. There is 100% truth in this statement. Black is for everyone. Both people in sizes 32, 38 and 42 and larger. Black color emphasizes the character of our person. We are independent, brave and beautiful. In your stylizations, try to stuff this color in places that you think are a bit too big. You probably wonder why you read about pants when you have a stomach problem? Well, nothing more wrong! High-waisted pants cover the belly and give a lot of scope in the upper part of the garment. Dark cut emphasizes the legs, lengthens and slims them optimally. The fashionable heritage cut with openings at the knees or jagged ends will give you charm and an unforced look. In this case, you can put on a loose shirt, oversized t-shirt or a wide sweater. Complete the whole with stiletto shoes, boots or sandals. Each model will really fit high-waisted pants and a loose top. If, despite that, you do not feel comfortable, we recommend styling for onion, add a denim katana or jacket, and throw a wide scarf or scarf around your neck. However, remember that too much is unhealthy. Satisfaction will make you monumental, and we want to avoid it.

oversized dresses

 Stylizations that mask the tummy

Recently, they have become increasingly popular and are not associated with fluffy women at all. Oversize dresses are a must have this season. Unique, colorful, a bit too big. We meet women in men’s sweatshirts more and more often. In men’s sweatshirts you ask? Yes! A long, stretched men’s sweatshirt can be the basis for creating a successful styling that will mask your tummy. Such a sweatshirt can be fastened in several ways, and the easiest way to supplement it is with leggings and sports footwear. Do not be afraid of such experiments, who knows, maybe you will like this style. You can find these types of dresses in the Forever 21 chain of stores.

 Stylizations that mask the tummy

If, despite that, we were not able to convince you to the proposed styles and you value elegance and charm, we recommend you a corset. Maybe a bit uncomfortable, it will always give you the right style. It’s sensual, slightly erotic, and certainly practical when it comes to the tummy. You can put anything on the corset. A dress, shirt and even a matching sweater. The corset in combination with material pants and a shirt will give incredible grace, and with proper selection you will shine when putting on a dress for an evening out. If you think that the corset is medieval times and you are not a princess locked in a tower, think about it, wouldn’t you like to be stolen by a prince on a white horse? Seriously so – in more and more stores with good underwear you will find a corset. Plus size models also use such. Don’t be afraid of roundness! They are not bad and fashion is open to them!