Openwork styles for the evening is the perfect opportunity for the upcoming play time. A big New Year’s Eve ball is ahead of us. Do you already know which creation to choose to enchant the guests and your companion? We offer original, recurring openwork. Check our suggestions and look original every day.

Openwork styles in two colors

 Openwork styles [/ caption]

From this one should start this entry. When creating openwork styles, you must remember about strong contrasts. If you choose a dress in navy blue, break it with a red purse. There are also other fashionable color options: burgundy, black, metallic and even cream. And so, combine a black dress with silver or gold accessories, metallic with gold, white pearls, cream you can combine at will with red, garnet and classic jewelry (gold or silver) The dress you choose should have a length above the knee, or slightly behind . Remember that long-sleeved dresses are the hit of the season. A neckline in this case is not necessary due to the transparent elements in the creation. Classic pins will work best and in this situation remember about the contrasts.

Pastel blue

 Openwork styles [/ caption]

He is very subtle, slightly innocent and very feminine. Blue stylizations can be a stepping stone from traditional colors, which is desirable in salons during large ceremonies. However, this is not a dress for everyone. The bright color highlights all the shortcomings of the figure, so it is designed for women with a fit silhouette. Remember about tasteful matching accessories and sexy lingerie. A lace bra will work. Stylizations that will be enriched with such a bra, and will have a transparent top of the dress, will be very original. Our proposal is a smooth dress with a uniform color and a lace coating. In this proposal, they gain long sleeves that reveal their arms.

Queen of the evening

 Openwork styles [/ caption]

The Fashion Icon deserves a great royal outfit. Choose this option if you want to draw the attention of everyone gathered at a gala ball or banquet. Burgundy is the color of great ladies. Combined with black, it gives an indescribable effect. The whole combined with black high heels and white pearls will give the look a complete dimension. In each of the styles, remember about fashionable accessories, fashionable earrings or light thin bracelets. Watches are also needed. 2018 will show how important minimalist, slightly avant-garde additions are.