Women love sailors. They also love belts, especially striped dresses. It is not surprising, therefore, that they are equally in love with maritime style in fashion. Associated mainly with stripes and a palette of only three colors: navy blue, white and red, it may seem simple and uninteresting. Nothing could be more wrong.

Not just striped dresses

Marine style is sometimes associated mainly with stripes that appear not only on blouses or dresses, but also on handbags, shoes, jewelry. The straps are literally everywhere. It is hardly surprising, after all, this is the most characteristic motif of the sailor’s look. But the marine style is not only stripes in every issue, but above all simple and comfortable styles of pants, blouses and dresses. When creating marine stylizations, we should focus on details that will change even the simplest outfit. Parkas, loafers, sneakers, hats, cords, scarves and shawls, characteristic golden buttons or bags, sacks are all on which the marine style is based. Let’s add the right accessories to it and we will feel like at the seaside.
 striped dresses

Three colors – unlimited possibilities

Navy blue, and basically navy blue, white and red. This is the basic palette and although it may seem poor, it creates unlimited possibilities. Three colors that go together perfectly and complement each other, and their combination immediately brings to mind the sea and sailors. The colors, simplicity and classic styles make the marine style perfect not only for a holiday trip to the sea, meeting friends or a holiday date, but even to the office. They look great both on a striped dress and on blouses or accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry).

Marine accessories

Maritime style, though based on classic colors and simple cuts, can take on a slightly funny character thanks to additions. Earrings in the shape of an anchor or rudder, a bracelet or a strap made of rope will look great with a classic striped dress. Such additions perfectly emphasize the holiday character of our stylization.

Let yourself be carried away by the adventure and create your own marine look.