Must have for fall 2017 . Autumn is a demanding season of the year, it brings as many surprises as the fashion world. Each day is different, each brings new experiences. Autumn trends are currently topic No. 1. We want to know what to wear, how, in what colors and for what occasion. What are the tops this year? Check.

Must have for fall 2017

If you think that accessories are just an additional advantage of your stylization, it’s time to lead you out of the error. Often it is the bag, shoes and even original jewelry that play the first violin. This is certainly the case this time. Trendy circle earrings, small bag or maybe over the knee boots? Let’s start from the end, putting accessories on a pedestal as the main part of the theme of your stylization. Moreover?

British style

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Who of us doesn’t love Burberry London? Who does not know the original scarves, wallets, bags or perfumes from this British brand? Imagine this condition for a moment. Feel the smell of perfume, cover yourself with a shawl and think about what you see. Grille? No more wrong. Styling with a grid has completely dominated the fashion world and is now number one. Jackets, jackets, dresses, skirts and even a coat and pants in the style of a palazzo. This type of clothing requires cooperation with the basic range. When choosing a skirt, put on a white shirt, putting on a coat, remember about the bright shawl and avant-garde jewelry, choosing pants, do not forget about dark turtleneck. Be mysterious and sensual. London Look requires a lot of accuracy and effortless elegance.

Velvet Total look

Velvet replaces cotton clothes. Women around the world have gone crazy about this material. Overalls, evening dresses, skirts and even jackets and cape. Everything is made of suede. The colors have dominated the red rugs for good, and among them are navy blue, shades of gray, burgundy, bottle green, and even powder pink and rose color.

Sensual red

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Total look in the red version is beauty in its purest form. When I think about styling with this color, the movie Perfume comes to my mind. The strength of women, sexuality, freedom and the charm that this color brings with it captivates. Everyone and without exception. Lace dresses, plain fabric pants, shirts and furs. Handbags, pins and a whole range of jewelry. Red also dominates the world of patent leather and this is not surprising.

Suede in combination with silver

Suede accessories in the form of shoes and handbags fell in love with silver jewelry. Try to combine suede with silver in your stylizations and you will become the most desirable stylist in your group. Become a Fashion Icon and follow what is fashionable.