Knitwear for the winter is an ideal idea. It is not only warm and soft, but also comfortable and elegant when needed. Winter is ruled by knitted dresses, turtlenecks, cardigans, skirts. We can wear them for work, shopping or more elegant going out. Everything is a matter of choosing the right accessories. Check what to buy!

Knitwear for the winter

Knitwear is already a hit and an ideal fabric for autumn. We see no reason to give it up in the winter. See how to wear it every day and in the evening version.

Knitted dress

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Knitted dresses are suitable for both slim women and those plus size. If you have an impeccable figure, choose a knitted dress in a fitted version. You can buy it in fashionable belts, e.g. at the Guess Marciano store (PLN 639). If you want to hide a few extra pounds, go for an extremely fashionable oversize cut. You can buy this type of dress at Zalando – Glamorous for PLN 149. It is in a fashionable pastel shade of powder pink, so it will definitely give you femininity. What to wear for a knitted dress? Choose fashionable boots over the knee, stylizations with them in the lead role are always extremely effective. Black opaque tights and ankle boots are also suitable. An elegant handbag that will hold the most-needed things.

Knitted turtleneck

Knitted turtleneck is extremely practical. In winter, it will effectively protect us from the cold. Replaces a warm sweater and scarf at the same time. This season, we wear it in an oversize version, loose with slightly too long sleeves. In stylizations – both with a skirt and pants – wear them nonchalantly recessed inside. The most fashionable colors are burgundy, bottle green, violet. Knit turtlenecks fit both jeans and pencil skirts. So they will work in styles for work, shopping or everyday. Where to buy knitted turtleneck? You will find it in practically many chain stores – Reserved 119 PLN, Solar 349 PLN, Mango 599 PLN, H & amp; M 149 PLN, F & amp; F 89 PLN, KappAhl 129.99 PLN.

Knitted cardigan

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Extremely practical cover for fall and winter. Knitted cardigan will successfully replace a jacket. A thick cardigan can act as a coat. For a long time it also works in elegant stylizations. It’s worth having a knitted cardigan in your wardrobe, because we’ll use it more than once in a variety of situations. The best models are those long, reaching up to the middle of the thigh. If you want to emphasize the waist, choose a model with a belt, e.g. Monnari PLN 299.99. Cardigans with fringes, stripes and oversize are also fashionable. Where to look for them? Of course, in power chains: Solar 399 PLN, Zara 139 PLN, KappAhl 149 PLN, C & amp; A 120 PLN.

Knitted skirt

In winter, you can easily put on a knitted skirt. Both flared and pencil models are in fashion. An extremely fashionable – though somewhat risky combination – are a knitted skirt and sweater. We’ve seen this type of stylization among others on the streets of London. Knitted skirt can be found e.g. in Stefanel (PLN 579), Next (PLN 299). Wear it both on a daily basis and in an elegant version, e.g. with a shirt. Knitwear for the winter is a hit!

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