How to dress up for opera? In our article we will reveal the best styles that are the trend of the season and in which you will look phenomenal. Check it out and choose your favorite proposal.

How to dress for opera?

Going to the opera involves finding the right style. It is not easy to make a good choice, because the place requires elegance, subtlety and inscribing in current trends. What creation should you choose for a charming evening in the company of classical music?

Gold in black

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A classic version of an elegant woman. A black dress without shoulders, although in the version with shoulders and lace decorations would also be intriguing, combined with high heels. On this basic, you can complement stylizations with many accessories. It’s important not to overdo it. Gold will play perfectly with a black theme and a place where you are going. Instead of a necklace, choose a gold-plated necklace. Let the earrings be long and massive. Innocence and simplicity will defend themselves, but a woman without jewelry is like an opera without soloists. Choose a purse based on contrast. We recommend you one with a snake skin motif or classic cream, possibly in shades of orange. Hair in a bun and make sure that every strand is close to the head. Put on a coat in autumn. Oversize, double-breasted or trench coat.

Fire red

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Red is the color of the season. Do not forget about it. If you are wondering if red is not too aggressive for such an exit, we answer that it is not. Let the dress be fitted at the waist, without shoulders, slightly flared from the waist down. The right length of dress in any case is the one behind the knee. Gold accessories will also play perfectly with red. The necklace and earrings in tears perfectly emphasize the entire outfit. High heels can contrast with the whole, but unifying the set will not be a drama, quite the opposite. In this set, we recommend a small, round bag as an accessory. It can be decorated with sequins or pearls. You should wave your hair and put on a bathrobe.

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Don’t suggest color. In this case, it is the simple cut that emphasizes your figure. A dress that must have the season is one that looks like a shawl tied along the entire body. Complete the stylization with dark hanging earrings or minimalistic white pearls. Put on the black pins and take a small clutch bag in your hand. The creamy coat will break the harsh climate and you will gain.

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