Feather designs is an article in which you’ll find inspiration for the upcoming New Year’s Eve and the carnival period that will come with the start of the New Year. If you get bored of sequins, the polka dot dress doesn’t appeal to you – bet on feather stylizations. Christmas stylizations will not be without them either. Familiarize yourself with the proposals of the Fashion Icon and get inspired to act!

Feather designs

Dresses with a feather finish, thin fiber jackets or maybe a sensual body? Feathers are almost everywhere, including accessories. If you are not a fan of avant-garde clothes, then choose stylish accessories – handbags, backpacks, shoes and even jewelry.

Dresses with feathers

If you want to gain sympathy for guests gathered at the ball, pay attention to your stylish taste – put on a dress finished with feathers. Almost every proposal that will contain such an element will make you not go unnoticed. The classic will work best. Choose a black, fitted outfit with a fashionable rose motif and a contrasting finish in the form of feathers. High heels will perfectly complement such stylization, and golden accessories will emphasize the nature of the outfit.

Sensual body

If you’re wondering what underwear to choose for a woman with a temperament, go for a sensual bodysuit with feathers. Each such addition will activate your guy’s imagination, and you will feel special, sexy and very feminine.

Jackets with feathers

There is no surprise here. Thin fur coats will hit the spot. Imitation of thin feathers will make everyone pay attention to you and you will benefit from the original outfit at a low cost. Top salmon salmon furs this season will make the biggest sensation. Combine them with classic boyfriends or black cigarillos. Be sure to complete the whole booties on a transparent cube.

Feather sweatshirt

It will be similar when choosing a sweatshirt. Any, whose sleeves will be finished with feathers, will attract attention in your stylizations. In the sports version, combine it with boyfriends, elegantly with a pencil skirt over the knee. Remember that this choice requires heavy shoes. It’s a bit of a rock, extroverted version of you.

Fashion accessories with feathers

Because feathers are present everywhere, put on feather earrings, shoes and even a scarf. If you prefer the classic version of the styling, complete it with accessories with such a motif. You will surprise everyone and become a true Fashion Icon!