Fashionable prom styles is an article in which you will find a handful of inspiration for the upcoming period of great fun. Who knows, maybe with a little luck you will be able to choose a styling that will work during New Year’s Eve or New Year?

Fashionable prom styles

Recently, sequins, peas, pastel blue and classic in the form of black creations are at the top. Which one should you choose to look great? Look through the inspirations of Fashion Icon, choose your favorite item and look in the store for the one that you like the most. With us you will create a truly feminine look.

Fashionable sequins

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Sequined dresses are currently number one topic. I don’t know a person who wouldn’t talk about a dress with lots of sequins. Currently, this is the most fashionable fashion for New Year’s Eve and the upcoming prom time. Our favorite was the gold-colored sequin creation. Long sleeves are very sexy and make the dress take on character. The narrow neckline is also suitable and perfectly complements the length of the dress above the knee. For such stylization, you should choose classic flesh, cream or salmon heels. If you’re looking for the right hairstyle, we recommend waves. Do not overdo it with jewelry. Choose metallic earrings and a bracelet, a necklace will not be necessary.

Polka dot dress

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Peas are back in a big way and it’s a perfect opportunity to show off your ball at full prom. Especially when the creation you choose has transparent elements and lace, and this proposal is just for you. Choose a simple cut that will cover the shoulders and bust with a transparent mesh on which minimalistic peas will appear. For such a dress choose stilettos or boots on a transparent cube. With such stylization pearls or silver-colored jewelry will blend in perfectly. In this look you will look like a real Fashion Icon.

Total blue

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As Natalia Nykiel sang – Over me total blue, and noise in my ears – for a prom party, a creation in blue will be perfect. This is the latest trend this season. A dress with a v-neckline will slim your figure and make you look phenomenal. Bet on the model over the knee and choose high heels that will optimally lengthen your legs. The blue dress loves the company of golden accessories. Remember about necklaces and earrings – here we recommend fashionable circle earrings and a tasteful, thin bracelet.

Velvet dresses

If you want to draw everyone’s attention and gain as Fashion Icons, choose velvet dresses fashionable this season. 2017 has shown that impossible does not exist, and old trends are returning to the catwalks at lightning speed. We recommend burgundy color and fiery red.