Fashionable clothes and celebrity accessories don’t have to cost a fortune. Just know where to look for them, hunt for sales, discount codes or last minute deals. In today’s statement we present the most fashionable wardrobe items, accessories, handbags, jewelry that will make you feel like a star!

Fashionable clothes and accessories of celebrities

Which celebrities have recently delighted us with their look? Who presented original clothes and accessories on the streets? We checked it out! Our list below

Jordan Dunn and Michael Kors backpack

 Fashionable clothes and accessories of stars Selfridges – 1140 PLN [/ caption]

Some time ago a British model appeared on the streets of London with a backpack saying “Peace” and “Love”. It aroused considerable interest. The backpack comes from the Michael Kors collection and costs PLN 1140. You can buy it through Jordan Dunn is a fan of quite strong, distinctive style and is not afraid of bold connections. Although the base of her outfit were ordinary 7/8 length jeans and a black t-shirt, original accessories made her stand out from the crowd. You can easily copy this look by choosing a basic t-shirt, jeans that you definitely have in your wardrobe. Bet on a leather backpack and suede cap. The model chose this brand Lack of Color for around 500 PLN (available on the brand’s website). It looks extremely fashionable, but at the same time relaxed. She chose motorcycle boots that are perfect for fall. If you value youthful, unforced everyday style, be sure to follow the supermodel styles!

Joanna Krupa in gold

 Fashionable clothes and accessories of stars Lilou – 349 PLN [/ caption]

Joanna Krupa knows how to enchant crowds. The model shines in even the simplest styles. Her proven patent is matching gold jewelry to black creations. Recently at one of the events she appeared in a beautiful, long dress with a slit on the neckline. She chose Caroline bracelet from the Lilou collection (249 PLN) and L de Lilou earrings with crystals (349 PLN). Thanks to this, she gained incredible class, the sensuality of a confident woman. Thanks to the fact that the model travels constantly between the US and Poland, she knows the latest trends. Regardless of whether it shows up in jeans, an elegant long dress, a mini, overalls, she always wears expressive jewelry that adds character. Joanna Krupa values ​​a glamor look. You can see that with this type of additions it feels phenomenal – and so it looks. Plus five from us!

Alexa Chung and floral dress

 Fashionable clothes and accessories of stars – about 3000 PLN [/ caption]

Alexa Chung is an unquestionable fashion icon. The year 2017 definitely belongs to her – she is a real it girl, model, presenter who is not afraid of bold creations. At the same time, she always looks impeccable, inspiring women around the world. This time, the British beauty chose a viscose dress of her own design. It is hard to disagree with the fact that she is the best ambassador of her brand. The inspiration was Annie Hall, Asia and the 70s. The dress can be bought for around 3000 PLN. Despite the fairly high prices, the collection sold out almost immediately. Congratulations on your success and we look forward to Alexa’s next inspiring projects!

Which fashionable clothes and accessories of celebrities do you like the most?