Dita von Teese is an unquestionable icon of fashion, femininity and style. Her clothes most often refer to retro, pin-up. Sam Dita often emphasizes that without eyeliner, red lipstick would not feel herself. In your book Be beautiful. The art of eccentric glamor gives advice and teaches all women how to be neat, elegant every day. It touches not only the issues of clothing, makeup, hair style, but also internal elegance, savoir vivre, thanks to which we are seductive and sensual. Dita is not only an American model and actress, she is a contemporary synonym of a strong, independent woman who knows her value. He is 45 years old, flawless complexion, perfect figure. It is not due to genes, but to taking care of yourself, your body and interior. It is worth to be inspired.

Dita von Teese

golden rules of Dity von Teese

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The style of Dity is very definite. She is not inspired by retro style, she is retro style. She doesn’t allow herself to be seen in a stretched tracksuit with a badly arranged hairstyle. She is a retailer and attaches great importance to always look perfect. Moments of weakness? We won’t see them at her. This is a real burlesque queen, in the footsteps of millions of women. It is no wonder that Dita von Teese has often been announced the best dressed woman in the world, and designers talk about her as a muse. The characteristic features of Dity are light skin, red lips and nails, perfectly black hair. Although Dita regularly looks after its appearance, many of the skin care activities are performed by itself, including dyes his own hair. In her book, she talked about how long she was looking for the perfect shade of paint. When she found him, she clings to him and doesn’t need a hairdresser to get her hair perfectly painted. They also do their styling on their own. Although it seems that it takes forever to style such a hairstyle, for Dity von Teese it is a matter of a few minutes. He avoids the sun, hence her perfectly china complexion. Dita is very careful not to expose yourself to wrinkles, hence it never breaks up with the 50 filter. In addition, it regularly exercises, and owes the waist to corsets and rational nutrition.

Femininity through the eyes of Dita von Teese

The model herself often designs and advertises underwear. Although he earns on displaying your body at erotic (burlesque) shows, it is not in any way provocative or vulgar. You can’t refuse her amazing class. Dita von Teese is referred to as the modern pin-up icon. Even in her gestures there are no cases. The model lives as if in that era and makes people aware of what femininity, sex appeal and self-confidence are. A completely different pattern of beauty is promoted – far from mainstream. It didn’t stop her from making a huge career. Her appearance is a reflection of what she considers sexy and sensual. Undoubtedly, according to Dity , femininity is red lips and a corset.

Dity von Teese style

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For great exits, the model chooses a red dress. Most often, she chooses red shoes and accessories. This color beautifully highlights her complexion and makes her look very noble. Dita always looks extremely elegant. It’s actually hard to guess whether she went for a normal walk or a red carpet. Her second favorite styling color is black. She also chooses her in the total look version. It makes Dita seem mysterious and at the same time very sensual. The materials he chooses in stylizations are lace, suede, velor. The model mainly chooses clothes without patterns. If you decide to wear dresses, then those with knee length. Usually styling highlights the top, while the bottom is flared. This allows you to emphasize the strengths of her figure and maintain the right proportions. Less often you can find her in flat shoes, and if so, they are an extremely thought-out element of a retro outfit. Most often he chooses very feminine high heels. Her style is very thoughtful and always feminine. Thanks to this, Dita does not have to reveal a large part of the body, skillful selection of wardrobe, emphasizes its narrow waist and beautiful bust creating an extremely feminine whole.

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