Cajmel, or Karolina Ościk, is a fashion blogger who definitely stands out from the rest. She has extraordinary beauty, which she emphasizes with delicate makeup. Her stylizations are a combination of clothes from chain stores with those that come from lumpexes. Karolina takes care of every detail of stylizations that are a reflection of her personality. On her blog you will find not only beautiful sets of clothes, but also atmospheric photos.

Fashion blogger style Cajmel

Karolina Ościk always puts on style in stylizations. It doesn’t matter if she is wearing a flimsy dress or an oversize sweater, she looks fresh and youthful. He plays with fashion, but at the same time knows what he looks best at. He can perfectly emphasize his strengths. Cajmel often chooses basic items in subdued colors, such as white, black, gray, beige. Often on her blog retro stylizations appear. As she admits, she likes to buy clothes in lumpexes. However, Karolina focuses primarily on the quality of materials.

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Airy dresses

Karolina Ościk often chooses ethereal dresses that add her girlishness. He usually chooses leather boots, lords or espadrilles. It can also often be seen in delicate high-heeled sandals. He wears loose, slightly wavy hair or pinned up in an irregular bob. In makeup, he focuses on naturalness.

Large sweaters

Often in Karolina’s stylizations we can see voluminous sweaters revealing one shoulder or oversize turtlenecks. I usually buy them in second hand shops.

Oversize shirts

Recently on her blog Karolina presented an oversize shirt worn as a dress. He loves flowing, ethereal materials that make styling comfortable and stylish at the same time.

XXL coats

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Karolina often wears large coats in a universal size. Especially in the autumn-winter season on her blog we can see styles with coats in the lead role. He puts his length to the knee or ankle.

A timeless classic

On the blog we can also find classic styles with a white shirt, elegant trousers, timeless jeans or beige coats. Karolina focuses on classic elegance, but she never looks boring. Despite the savings in accessories, her styles always stand out.

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