Dresses that slim your figure are a proposal for an article for women who want to cover some imperfections and highlight the best. Check our suggestions.

Dresses that will slim your figure

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 Dresses that slim the figure [/ caption]

If you think the perfect figure is the one with the waist cut, and your thighs are too big to wear bold creations, you are wrong. Size zero has long been forgotten, and more often the most desirable size is 38 and up. Women with curves are more sexy, definitely more independent and, moreover, achieve success on the professional level. Increasingly on the catwalks, collections of big brands are presented by plus size models, and we strongly support this trend. What dress should you choose to feel good in it? What colors are suitable for women with a tummy, larger thighs or a big booty? About this in our article.

Black slims the most

We do not reveal a great secret to you. We have known for a long time that black color emphasizes the character of each stylization. As for you, because since you are reading this article, I think you are looking for something slimming, put on such a model that will be fitted in the upper more often dresses with cut off around the waist. Do not throw yourself into deep water. A fitted black dress will be unattractive and you will not feel better. It’s a good idea to put on an oversized bag, but if you have strengths in your figure – it’s worth emphasizing. If your only problem is the protruding tummy, choose dresses with the upper part close to your body, allow yourself bare back or bare shoulders. If the lower part of the dress is slightly tight, extend the silhouette optimally with a high heel and put on a cardigan that will cover every bit.

Wide stripes on the sides

 Dresses that slim the figure This is a solution that targets women with large thighs and a larger tummy. Such a treatment will make our figure optimally slimmer. The problem is that the belt on the sides is strongly contrasted in comparison to the overall color of the dress. For example, a gray creation should have black stripes on the sides. In addition, you can use print in your styling. It is important that it is not horizontal. Oblique stripes and meanings as well as vertical are allowed. Others will broaden your figure and you won’t like them. And if you don’t, so do others. Dresses that slim the figure must be combined with high heels or stilts.

Men’s shirts

The perfect solution for strong, independent women. You can create a lot of successful stylizations with a men’s shirt. Put on a shirt and combine it with a high-waisted skirt. Contrast sets emphasize and mask the most important thing. On the internet you will find a lot of inspiration for dresses from a men’s shirt. When it comes to colors, choose derivatives from black. Bottle green, gray, dark navy blue, but also brown and olive.