Dress like Cara Delevigne and win the sympathy of many people. This talented young actress is an absolute discovery of 2017. She bases her stylizations on a loose look. Want to know more, see the article Fashion Icons.

Dress like Cara Delevigne

What you need to start with is a review of Cara’s inspirations. On the Internet you will find many sources in which you will see what the actress put on for the gala, what to go to the club, and what style she posed for the magazine. It is worth defining Cara’s style and compare it with yours. If you feel consistency – use and create your outfits.

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Cara often puts comfort and a loose look in her everyday styling. This was also the case here. The high-waisted skirt has been combined with a delicate sweater. The styling is light and certainly will appeal to every woman who wants to cover some imperfections. Oh yes – it’s not a joke! A high-waisted skirt masks our tummy, and a loose sweater does not enhance the roundness. Instead of a skirt, we can choose, for example, dresses that slim the figure. As you can see, this styling can look good in both 32 and 38+ sizes. Cara enriched her stylization with a large backpack, and the roar of New York street drowns out with the classic Beats model, which is also consistent with the styling.

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For official exits, Cara chooses pants. She is rarely found in dresses. I think he wants to show his strong character and some kind of independence. In this case, Cara put on white high waists and contrasted them with a black top with an uneven binding and stilettos. In his hand he is holding a small clutch. A hairstyle that is worth paying attention to is nothing but curls shifted to the left side. Such a procedure will emphasize our neck and collarbone lines, which looks very feminine and sexy.

Face and Accessories

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Ciara uses light cosmetics for her face. If you also have beautiful, expressive eyes like her, remember to create makeup that will highlight their color. In addition, if you create a loose styling, do not forget about the sweatshirt, cap and slightly wavy hair. A subtle look, broken by the atmosphere of the street is a must have in a youthful edition. Cara looks tempting, but also innocent. Do not forget that this type of style is designed for women with a strong, strong character, who, despite their young age, have already achieved a lot. This look can also inspire mature women who have achieved success and who want to feel young.

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