Styling for St. Andrew’s Day 2017 is an article dedicated to all women who are wondering what to choose for tomorrow evening. In our suggestions you will find an idea for a party in a club , with friends – in an intimate circle, and even a festive ball.

Styles for St. Andrew’s Day 2017

This special evening is tomorrow. Melting wax, divination with sticky notes and stacking shoes. Who among us does not remember such games. Today, few people reach for them, they devote more time to fun and integration with friends. But what if you’re going to the ball and you don’t know what style to create? Do you want to look good during a romantic dinner for two, or maybe you decide to clubbing and want to look dazzling? Check our inspirations.

Festive ball

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Our proposal is a delicate openwork, flared dress in shades of cream white. It’s a hit this season. Just look at the upper part of the corset to instantly see that it is the right choice. If you are not a fan of this color, put on powder pink, red, navy blue and even black. Remember the additions. High heels with transparent ankle, classic wedges or sandals are a must. Gold jewelry and wavy hair will emphasize the whole and make you look perfect.

Club version with lace

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If you are going to a big party, bet on the classics. A black dress with long sleeves in lace is a must have this season. Transparent elements are very tempting, they emphasize the character and give an unforced sex appeal. Complete this stylization with leather Ramones, silver jewelry and be sure to put on stilettos in a contrasting color. Red will be perfect. In addition to it, you can choose a flesh-colored or slightly more original color – neon in yellow, orange and even mint.

Household also requires a proper outfit

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It is no different – unless you have clearly defined in the invitation that we dress in a casual version or the party is in the style of a pajamas party. A perfect lace bra combined with a large sweater in shades of gray. Include black skinny and choker in the set. Don’t forget about high heels and an oversized coat.