Andrzejki’s stylizations are an article proposition for everyone who will go to a party any day. Check what’s hot this season and make everyone look at you this evening.

Styles for St. Andrew’s Day

Andrew’s soon. Each of us is planning a way out on this day. We often use clubbing, sometimes we choose to meet with friends, and yet another time we decide on a real ball. How to look good at each event? Check what is fashionable, choose the right cut, top color and original fabric structure. Shine and be the star of the evening.

 Stylizations for St. Andrew [/ caption]

The night version is obliged to black, so you can not miss it in your stylization. In the club proposal, we recommend a skirt above the knee, it can be in a high-waisted version, if, for example, you have curves that you would like to cover. In this case, also put an oversized t-shirt on your skirt. However, if you are slim and have something to show, we recommend you a lace bra. Give your stylization sensuality and a specific claw. To be a bit mysterious, put on an oversized denim jacket or denim shirt upstairs. Complete the stylization with a choker with silver elements. High shoes with a high heel will perfectly emphasize the whole, and the reflective elements in your accessories will make you become the star of the evening. Invest, for example, in fashionable women’s watches.

 Stylizations for St. Andrew [/ caption]

A proposition for a home party is a simple autumn set. It is known that outside the window is not the most beautiful, so it’s worth investing in color. In our styling proposal there is plenty of it. The pants that we suggest for going out are low waists. With a lower waist, torn along the entire length. Choose a darker cut that you combine with a light top. Stripes are still fashionable – especially since it is autumn. You can put an oversized sweater or a burgundy cardigan on your t-shirt. The whole styling will neatly break the boots on the wooden ankle with cutouts on the ankle. In this stylization, accessories should be golden – they will brighten the night look. Wavy hair. We love the waves in your hair!

 Stylizations for St. Andrew [/ caption]

An offer you can’t refuse is a bottle green dress. Everyone longs for summer and blooming trees. Recall this memory with your creation and you will make a smile on many faces. Choose a model that will highlight the qualities of your figure. If you are brave and your figure allows it, choose a model with bare shoulders. Remember about bright accessories – a necklace, long earrings, a fashionable clutch bag with sequins and shoes. Everything should have similar colors. Limit yourself in the set to three colors. Your look will perfectly emphasize red lipstick and high hair up. There is nothing hotter than a bare neck and collarbones. The man with whom you will spend this festive evening will go crazy about you.

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